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Wholesale Palms, Palm Trees Servicing Anna Maria, FL

Anna Maria, FL Wholesale Palm Tree Supplier Supplying Anna Maria, FL the best exotic palm trees from our nursery.

We offer a wide variety of palms for you to choose from to create an interesting and beautiful landscape in Anna Maria, Florida or to add a tropical touch to your home. The Areca Palm is a container palm that can grow up to 10 or 15 feet with dark green leaves that can be up to five feet in length. The pale yellow flowers add a bright touch to any décor. For a totally different look, the Bismarck Palm is sure to enhance your outdoor landscape. Because it has minimal requirements, this plant is ideal for the busy Anna Maria, FL homeowner. It can grow up to 60 feet and features silver-blue leaves up to six feet in length with brown speckled flowers.

Commercial landscape supply and palm trees wholesale for Anna Maria, Florida

Attention Anna Maria, FL property owners and landscapers the areca palm is another affordable palm which is widely used for landscaping, for hedging. We also provide palm like cycads, which are available at a low price of $35 and are grown in containers. Many customers in Louisiana will prefer container grown palms like the bottle palm, Bismarck palm, since they do not have to transplant them. Most of the slow growing palms can be grown in containers, which can be kept indoors or outdoors. We also provide specimen palms like the canary island date palm, reclinata palm, Chinese fan palm and difficult to find palms like the mejdool date palm. For all palms we harden the roots before sending the palms to our customers in Anna Maria, Florida so that they can be easily transplanted.

Servicing Anna Maria, FL with Canary Island Date Palm Trees

Canary Island Date Palms don't just grow well in Anna Maria, FL -- they have no problem transitioning into any warmer environment with ease. If you're looking for a palm that can withstand cooler temperatures, they are somewhat cold-hardy and can even tolerate occasional temperatures in the high teens. This allows them to be planted in areas some other palm species cannot comfortably grow. They willingly grow in a range of climates, from the arid deserts of Arizona, to the more humid environs of Alabama. Anna Maria, FL is a great location to grow Canary Island Date Palms.

Providing Anna Maria, FL With Wholesale Palm Trees

We have several Pitch apple hedge varieties for sale in Anna Maria, Florida. It is something that you may wish to use to protect your property, to prevent trespassing and to keep a beautiful perimeter around your property. Landscaping adds attractive options for your property. These hedges are one of the many great thing you can get at A Quality Plant. We are a wholesale palm dealers in Southern Florida who have the palms, hedges, and tropical foliage you need when you are looking for wholesale plants. Make A Quality Plant your choice for all of your Anna Maria, FL landscaping needs.