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Adonidia Palm Tree

The Adonidia palm also commonly identified Christmas Palm consist of two types Adonidia merrilli and Veichia merrilli. It is an attractive and highly showy palm tree that appears stunning in a small landscape region.

Taking care of Adonidia tree is easy since it has a self-cleaning mechanism, implies that spent fronts usually fall off themselves, hence low maintenance. Also, Adonidia tree is always pest-free.

The appearance Adonidia tree is similar to that of a small royal palm tree because of its green crown chute, grey trunk, and broad, full fronds. A single trunk specimen can work anywhere since they cannot grow too big or faster to exceed most locations

Christmas palm can make excellent focal points in minor tropical gardens, in a taller and mature, thus becomes stylish statement palm.

They are regarded as the deer resistant; however, it is not guaranteed.

Adonidia Tree specs

Adonidia or Christmas tree can appear unusual in Zone 10; adonidia can do well where a typical winter is experienced. For safety, it should be planted in a location that it is subjected to frost or wind.

It grows gently to a height of an average of 12 to 15 feet. Adonidia palm is abstemiously salt-tolerant, thus can never be affected by a spray of salt.

Effects of Cold weather

Cold weather is the recent concern toward the adonidia palm tree. For many years adonidia tree has been planted in yards with carefree abandon. However, during winter with a temperature record that lasts for hours and more weeks, can take their toll on this pretty small palm.

Adonidia palm spacing

The single trunk of adonidia works perfectly in tighter areas planted with a spacing of 5 to 6 feet far from the structure or house to create fronds space for growth, hence prevent the plant from a damage of surface scraping.

Numerous trunk of adonidia palm requires spacing for spread out. The trunk can naturally bow resulting in a further extension. The spacing will position a trunk thus will not be a way once they increase some stature.

The adonidia palm can as well easily grow in a container. The Large planter boxes or pots can make the palm to grow comfortably for several years. Once it overgrows the larger container, it can be planted in a garden.

Adonidia Palm Landscape Uses

  • Mainly singles by an entry
  • At the accent a corner of your house
  • Single specimen yard
  • Island beds and at the central anchor plant for a garden
  • Circular drive center
  •  Pool or patio container plant